Service Customization

Sizes, materials and printing as per your bill of specification.

Models availables

  • 16 sizes and models available
  • PVC
    • Color
    • Clear
    • Thickness up to 1mm
  • Printing
    • Serigraphy
    • Hot stamping
    • Relief
  • Handles
    • PVC tubes
    • Nylon cords
    • Die cut handles
    • Leather like
  • Options
    • Business card pocket
    • Flyer pocket
  • Quantity
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Factory made to measure, MOQ 1500 pcs

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Production on measure

We produce your customized Ice.bag® cooler on measure as per your specifications, many sizes available with more than 20 colors of PVC.

Printing in serigraphy, hot stamping or plast stamp.

Your brand will be pushed and noticed by your customer.