Born from the stroke of a pen on a table, with a simple and pure design, Ice.bag® is now sollicitated from professionals and private individuals, and sold by millions of units worldwide. Mobile and economical, it is constantly reinventing itself with the trends and seasons.

Our History

Already more than 10 years ago, Samy Gattino, CEO of the company GIMEX INTERNATIONAL, specialized in packaging solutions, has had the simple idea to create a bag with a triple use.
In fact, it can refresh bottled beverages, transport them and also promote the wine and champagne brands.
As a nomad ice bucket, the Ice.bag® was born from the stroke of a pen on a table.

In 2008, after convincing his professional customers, Samy Gattino launches the first Ice.bag® collection dedicated to all public.

Today, Ice.bag® is a real fun and festive solution in itself. True best-seller, it is sold by millions of units around the world.

In spite of the apparent simplicity of its design, the Ice.bag® is a high quality product which requires more than 40 different operations of production to ensure a resisting final product.

Our Concept

Conceived in reusable and waterproof PVC, the Ice.bag®, modern and innovative, revolutionizes the usual image of the traditional ice bucket. Easy to use, it has the ability to carry fresh bottles everywhere, but can also be an original gift packaging.

Its adapts to every need and every occasion, to professionals as well as to general users.

Created along the years, the professional range is composed of 17 references, with sizes from can to Jeroboam. This collection is dedicated to CHR, wine producers and wine related business, but also to all resellers who’s beverages have to be refreshed, but it can also be used as a reusable promotional product.

Our Strength

Ice.bag® is a brand of the company GIMEX INTERNATIONAL, which is its original conceirver and producer.

More than 25 years of experience taught GIMEX INTERNATIONAL that a project succeed with a good follow up of the evolution of consumption rules, with creativity and persistence.

GIMEX INTERNATIONAL is a real service based on a good knowledge of the various universes of the retail business from more than 20 years.

ISO 9001 certified from 2008, the company GIMEX INTERNATIONAL keeps on developing its products and its civic business values in a competitive market, in order to marry performance and respect of environment and ecology. Our fabrication is thus subjected to various tests and controls in order to ensure a product of undeniable quality, our wine cooler being way more than a simple packaging, and being made to be used on the long term.