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The most frequently asked questions by our customers!

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    Does the Ice.bag® have to be placed in the freezer to be able to refresh bottles ?

    A No, absolutely not! The Ice.bag® is a refreshing device, but it doesn’t need to be refreshed itself! In order to cool your bottle, first pour fresh water in it, then add ice cubed, and finally put your bottle in. In 15 minutes, your bottle is perfectly cooled! By placing the Ice.bag® in the freezer, you would actually weaken the PVC, which is flexible but could become brittle as a result... Hence the fact that it is clearly discouraged.

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    How long does it take to the Ice.bag® to refresh a bottle ?

    A With the help of fresh water and ice cubes, it takes only 15 minutes to refresh your bottle in the Ice.bag®.

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    How long is it possible to use an Ice.bag® ?

    A Ice.bag® is a sustainable and reusable product, not a simple packaging to throw away after use. It can last more than a year if the instructions of use are duly respected.

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    The models from the PRO Collection are they accessible to purchase by unit ?

    A No. The Ice.bag® models from the PRO Collection are reserved for professional users and are not to be sold individually. As a consequence, they can be purchased only by full boxes.

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    What are the approximative delivery terms for a customized Ice.bag® ?

    A According to your request, the customization of one of our existing model or the specific making of an entirely personal Ice.bag® as per your bill of specification can require from 4 to 14 weeks after the confirmation of your design. For more information, please contact our commercial department via the Contact page.