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News Ice bag®

Ice bag® Angus

Choose your handles ! 

Available from June 2015. 

Handles: leather like gray, red, green and orange! 

Ice bag® Angus New

Choose your handles ! 

Available from June 2015. 

Models in stock: KUMI, GIULIA, VERA, NANA
Dimensions: 11x11x h 25.5 cm
Materials: PVC
Color: Clear

Handles: leather like gray, red, green and orange! 

Ice bag® Spain and Italy: new look!

Out with the old design, in with the new !

Ice bag® World Collection has 2 new designs for its Spain and Italy Models. Available on stock from May 2014.

Models available: USA, UK, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Jamaica, Japan, CCP and France Tricolore.
Dimensions: 11x11x h 25,5 cm
Material: PVC
Color : Transparent with Countries Flag printing 


Ice bag® Moulin Rouge®

Your chilled Champagne in a Moulin Rouge® Ice bag®! 

In September 2013, GIMEX INTERNATIONAL will launch a limited Moulin Rouge® Collection.
Designed in collaboration with Designer Margaux Keller, this collection has 6 models in the lively and Parisian atmosphere of the Moulin Rouge. Colorful models revisiting the world of famous Cancan dancers, a transparent model showing the mythical “La Goulue” poster by Toulouse-Lautrec, symbol of the vibrating Paris of the 1890s; and a model revisiting the world famous celebrated façade. 

Ice bucket Ice bag® also comes in VIP version, with a modern design elegantly adorned with real leather handles.

Ice bag® : 4 new colors King Size

Ice bag® offers an extension to its KING SIZE (for magnum or two bottles) existing model with a brand new color palette: « New Cherry », « Frost Blue », « Fluor Purple», « Gaga Pink », « Smocked Grey » and « Chocolate Brownie ». 

Dimensions: 15+15x27 cm. 0,7 mm
Material: PVC transparent recyclable 

More information on our Range review!


SURVIVAL KIT by Icebag® :
Funny reusable Gift set. Practical and reusable size.

A PVC kit containing:
Trousse PVC contenant :
• 1 King Size (1,5L :1 Magnum or 2 bottles)
• 1 Basic (0,50 to 0,75 cl)
• 1 Wine guidelines
• ice cube bags to fill in

Escape with Ice bag® World Collection

Ice bag® World Collection draws one into its subtle design and manages to make one travel across the British country lane, the surrounding North America cliffs, Rio de Janeiro’sunlight and the very essence of our French Terroir.
This Collection travels around the world with its playful and nomad patterns.

Models available: USA, UK, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Jamaica, Japan, CCP and France Tricolore.
Dimensions: 11x11x h 25,5 cm
Material: PVC
Color : Transparent with Countries Flag printing 


Ice bag Design:Patriote Collection

Showcased in preview at Maison&Objet Fair, in Paris January 2012-

With few months to go to 2012 Olympic Games and European Football Championshit, the Ice bag® City familly dresses up new Ice bag® models with countries colour's Flag! Ideal for a sport event: reveal the sport Fan inside of you!

Models available and to discover at M&O Fair: 
Ice bag® "France" blue model with "Allez la France" and French flag printed inscriptions(see picture)
Ice bag® "UK": clear model with the English Flag (see picture)
Ice bag® " Germany": clear model with the Germany Flag
Ice bag® " Switzerland" with the Swiss Flag
Ice bag® "USA" with USA Flag and stars
+ 4 other models with the colors and symbols of France

Size: 11 + 11 x 25, 5cm, 0,5cm
Material: recyclable clear & color PVC

Ice bag® Design « Bi-color Givré »

Frozen  touch feeling in 3 SOFT NEW COLORS - Available in September 2011
Bi-color models. Appreciate your bottle on the 2 transparent sides. Touch our new feel ice bag® .
Ref : Bi-color « Neige » snow white ref. 17412, « Framboise » Raspberry red ref. 17413, “Anthracite” ref. 1714.
Size: 11 + 11 x 25, 5 cm, 0,5mm
Material: recyclable clear & color PVC

Ice bag® Design « King Size » : A new big size to cool big bottles quickly

To refresh, carry and give magnums or two bottles of 0.75L ,1L . Perfect to serve many bottles at once at home. The Ice bag® King Size (for magnum or two bottles) already exist in the professional market and was very expected from the general public.

Ice bag® Yachting Ref. 17806: Enjoy your fresh drinks at the seaside!

This model from the V.I.P. Collection is specially conceived to suit boat trips, yachts and seafood restaurants on marina. More stability with the trapezoid size and 4 suction pads to stay upright in storms (it sticks to the boat’s table), and slip knot to close the top and hang it. 





Shape:  A-line

Dimensions: 14 x 11x 23 cm

Handles:  Marine cord with slip knot system

Material: opaque white PVC with transparent porthole

Included: 4 suction pads        

Ice bag® Le Cube Ref. 17007

Dimensions. 15 x 15 x 15 cm
Material : PVC 0.5 mm
Prix : € 1.80 Excluding VAT
(Recommended professional users price for 300pcs)
This new square model can hold up to 6 baby cans or 4 to 5 37,5cl bottles. (beers, cola, smoothies, fruit juices, baby bottles of Champagne..)

Ref. 17020 Ice bag® Le Giant Jéroboam

Dimensions. 19+18x30 cm
Material : PVC 1mm
Prix : €4,30  Excluding VAT
(Recommended professional users price for 100pcs)
How can we cool over-sized bottles?
This new model is developed especially for the Jeroboam size bottles (3 Litres)
It is the biggest flexible ice bucket in the world, for the Champagne bottles of 3 Litres. But it is also perfect to cool White, Rosé and Red wines when necessary.
Perfect also to carry and cool 2 Magnum bottles (1.5L)
We observed this opportunity to give a solution to wine producers, wine shops, when they sell big volumes to offer a cool solution.
Ideal for any outdoor or indoor events…..
A fantastic solution to cool such bottles quickly. “These bottles are impossible to put in your fridge at home.”

Mini Temperature and French wines guideline

Included inside each Design models, an instructive guide with all the Champagne bottle sizes from the Mignonette 8cl to the Nabuchodonosor 15L.


All the Design models are individually blister packed with a mini wine catalogue.