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Designer ice bucket - Interview with the creator of Ice bag® Samy Gattino

Interview with the creator of the original ice bucket Ice bag®


Background Ice bag®

The history of the ice bucket Ice bag® comes from a simple and novel idea. Our company has developped since 2003, a collection of clear PVC bags with or without partitions waterproof and resistant that can hold between 1 and 4 bottles, under the brand Transline®. During a business trip in the Champagne region, I saw the potential of the Transline® collection: if we could offer to the champagne vitners, a light foldable and inexpensive bag to offer to their customers in each case of champagne, it would be fantastic! The figures speak for themselves because for than 40 million cases are shipped around the world, this is how Ice bag® came to be. Originally created to transport, promote and accompany wines and Champagne. It has become a real concept. It comes from a long development through research and investments legal and human to match our ambition. 


Industrial property

Even if the product seems very simple, the ice bucket Ice bag® comes from a long development process and has been under international copyright protection since its creation in 2006. It is protected by trademark law under the european community trademark n° 6 358 221 and  n° 8 132 664 and international trademark n°980 685, European community industrial model n° 616057-0001 and American industrial model n° D0555008).It is also a patent in America under n° 11/881755.

News Ice bag®

Today the Ice bag® is a strong brand, in expansion, which offers multi- markets solutions:

  • - PRO collection (standard and made to measure service)
  • - Design retail collection supported by special packaging and promotional and marketing tools (display, poster).

Our product ranges are recognized as much in France as internationally. They are used by major hotel groups and vitners such as Pullman Hotels, Novotel (Accor group) and even Vranken Pommery.

Samy Gattino, managing director of GIMEX INTERNATIONAL S.A


Dear customers, we draw your attention to the presence of counterfeits on our original Ice bag® ice buckets, models, trademark and officiel pictures, especially on the Internet. Be carreful, these products do not offer any guarantee and are sold without any authorization. Their marking will constitute an infringement that will give rise to Customs and Court sanctions.
Say NO to counterfeits !

OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION: GIMEX INTERNATIONAL’S flawless victory for its trademark, Ice bag®

                  GIMEX INTERNATIONAL’S flawless victory
                               for the design of its Ice bag®

We are glad to inform you that the London Patents & County Court of England & Wales rendered a Judgment on July, 20th 2012 in favor of GIMEX INTERNATIONAL Company.

The Judge found that Gimex’s Community Design number 615057-0001 registered for our ‘ice bucket bag’ (bottle cooler by ice and water) sold in Europe under the brand name Ice bag® is valid until 2026.

The judge confirmed that our Ice bag®, despite its simplicity, is an innovative and new product.

The decision included a finding that our Ice bag® design was infringed by the Defendants’ products, called "Chill bag" , during their attempted importation into the United Kingdom. The judge then granted an injunction to forbid the Defendants, Chillbag Company Limited and Kiki's Import & Export Limited, from distributing the infringing Chill bag products anywhere in the EU.

The summary note of the Judgment is available at:

The enforcement of our Intellectual property rights is very important for GIMEX INTERNATIONAL Company and its customers, who expect genuine quality products. We are very pleased about the recognition of our registered design and its infringement by the English Court on our Ice bag® innovative concept.

We thank you, dear costumer, for your support and loyalty to our product. We wanted to share this good news with all of you, who made Ice bag® a successful product every day.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you need more information at

References of the Judgment:
Patents County Court, England and Wales
Gimex International Groupe Import Export v. The Chillbag Company Limited & Others
[2012 EWPCC 31] of 20 July 2012

Samy Gattino

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