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GIMEX INTERNATIONAL works closely with proven Wine professionals and trusted partners throughout the World.



2014, February 24, 25 and 26th, VINISUD Fair gathered the majority of Mediterranean Wine and Spirits producers. Wine bucket Ice.bag® are part of the “Exhibitor Kit” created by our partner ORCEL ROMIEU. Wine buckets Ice.bag® were used by each Exhibitor for Wine tasting and cooling.


ORCEL ROMIEU, wine accessories specialist for more than 15 years. ORCEL ROMIEU are also Ice.bag® distributors.


The Ice bag ® is partner of the Water Summit of  Washington Rotary Club, the 15 th April 2011.

For this great event, GIMEX INTERNATIONAL offers its products, the Ice bag ®  to refresh all drinks. The Water Summit International of Washington is one of the biggest event of the internatinal rotary solidarity

 GIMEX INTERNATIONAL collaborates closely with recognized professionals in their segment markets working in partners.

Blue Wine expo Marseille
 The wine fair from Provence takes place every two years and brings together nearly 120 professionals. Gimex provided all the ice buckets for the exhibitors.
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"Les saisons des chefs" is a new concept created by well-known gastronomic journalists. Mixing recipes and dietery advice, each season has its chef. An original idea to use the Ice bag® in a different way.
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Lien FNAC :

La Fédération Francaise des Vignerons indépendants "French independant wine growers federation with 5 200 members  use the Ice bag® to help their members present there wines during exhibitions.

 Ubifrance, uses the Ice bag® the same way but at the international level.

The Ice bag® is perfect for travelling for its members 


 Rencontres de Jardins -Golf de Saint Tropez 10-13 September 2010

 Gimex  "Charity Gifs" partner during the 4 days (12 000 visitors),  and for the cocktail party(3 000 guess)

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